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Why do we need funeral cover adverts?

I don’t know about the rest of you SABC TV watchers, but I know that very few things make me cringe more than those awful advertisments for funeral cover that seem to be everywhere in the last year. Quite frankly I think that they are in bad taste – it is not as if people can avoidn automatically taking out funeral insurance for themselves and their loved ones when they can afford to. It is also not as if there are hundreds of policies to choose from. It seems there really is no reason to wave death over people’s heads during ad breaks as well.

The entire insurance industry is really scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as I am concerned. Is it not bad enough that everybody is selling our information so brazenly these days – even after the national credit act – that we get harrassed constantly on landline and cell phones to get into more debt. This is coupled with the already horrific strategy used by insurance salesmen (mostly) but also insurance telemarketer women: frighten the potential client into buying this product because otherwise they’ll be stranded/embarassed when misfortune strikes, and it will. All of this at a time when petrol, food, and other prices are rising at frightening rates. In other words, we have the least amount of money left over, have the highest levels of debts, and are most afraid of being in the midst of misfortune/stranded/embarassed.

So, it is in this atmosphere that insurance brokers etc pounce on us in our living rooms. It is so outrageously immoral that it really ought to be illegal. Really! I am not even going to speak about the fact that actors of the calibre of Lilian Dube and Michele Botes are now the spokespeople in dodgy TV ads for insurance. Euch!