Loudrastress is Pumla Dineo Gqola, feminist, writer, professor, columnist, “Pumla Gqola” on facebook, @feminist_rogue on twitter, Joziphile. Like the many radical feminists from Afrika and beyond, who came before her, she believes that words are power and that they can be used to turn the circle, to revolute. Like the visionary Biko and the other Afrikan revolutionaries who have cleared paths, she is unwavering in writing what she likes.

  1. Aluta Sista!!!!!!!!!! I like what you write definately do.

  2. Hi Pumla

    Glad you are doing this and spreading your sharp independent Afrikan feminist woman intellect to the globe! You go sista. I like the word play which is both poetic and critically incisive

  3. akiiki*jessica

    hi sis- congrats on adding your name and wise feminist words to the blogosphere! your creative insights are always an inspiration! jessica h

  4. looks like a cool blog. I will be writing to friends at The Dinah Project to suggest they link to you.

  5. you know pumla i am really in awe of you as a friend and as a writer and critical fearless thinker…when i grow up i would like to be like you!

  6. Nosingqala Phesheya

    I feel so sorry for those women who can’t read and right in English. Do you think something could be done? Or is being a feminist something that is done only in English by educated people? Does feminism not exist in African culture-in Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Venda, etc? Or are black women feminists taking refuge in a foreign cultural concept? What is happening? Please advise. Viva Pumla!

    • I have been looking for your response to Mr Phesheya’s question on feminist and rural/uneducated woman? Can someone please share that response.

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