Depressed about Cameroon losing to Denmark

I went into the match with high spirits, but after watching wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity – in spite of Eto’o’s fantastic first goal – I am now seriously depressed about the indomitable lions. What on earth was wrong with Webo today?

What really bugs me is that this should have been a done deal. The expectations on Cameroon were not too high – they were well within the team’s capacity. Denmark did not even play that exciting a game. They just did not waste any opportunities.

Eto’o, the man who went into ‘2010’ under a cloud and therefore must have felt enormous pressure, is the only one who really delivered. And he did so quite early in the came, trying to set the pace for what should have been a clear win by his side.

Clearly his team mates did not feel as much pressure, certainly not Webo who wasted five chances. Or Jean Makoun, Idrissou or even Aboubaker, who, although not as wasteful and disappointing as Webo, nonetheless also cost the team goals.


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