Still sad about The Weekender (1)

The full email I sent the Monday after the horrible news of The Weekender closing. Business Day published an edited version without my thoughts on Rehana Rossouw’s column here

Dear Rehana [Rossouw],

I am sure that this is one of hundreds of emails you have to read, so I am going to make it brief.

My family and I are extremely sad that our favourite weekly read – and the only one we read religiously even on weekends with family drama, funerals, out of GP travel, illness, weddings, burst geysers, leaking pools, load shedding, undergraduate marking, children’s parties – is closing shop.

Thank you for putting together a paper that was always informative, beautifully written, provocative and politically complex. The Weekender made me laugh, wonder, think and change my mind about various issues after reading it. Its reviews made me buy books I would not otherwise have, even though too much of my income already goes to bookshops. Every weekend, my partner and I shared our copy, re-read sections to each other, and rescued bits from our toddler son who always wanted some part to write on and then stuff into a toy-box, bath tub or bin.

I always read your column first – before even my own opinion when you published me – and I will miss that column sorely. (Please tell me that there is a book coming out of you very soon. I probably should not tell you this, but I am not really much of a Business Day reader, although I might need to become one now.)

Thank you for publishing longer versions of my own and other people’s work than the space usually allocated to opinion in newspapers.

I have been a bit lax about the paper recycling drop off, (plastic is really my obsession) so we have a few back issues still which I am not loathe to throw away. Eish! Please tell me that BDFM will now finally have a proper The Weekender, so that its readers can nostalgically know the online archive is there.

All the best to you, Rehana, and thanks again for The Weekender.

PS. All my facebook buddies are miserable about The Weekender disappearing – even people who usually just lurk have status updates:(


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