Interesting blog posts on Caster Semenya

I have been having various conversations about Caster Semenya and the whole ugliness of not allowing her to celebrate the result of all her hard work. Most of the time, I come across someone who seems to think that there is only one way or reason to be annoyed about Ms Semenya’s treatment. Then there are the people who don’t see what the “fuss” is all about since she should just take the test and be done with it if there is nothing to hide (or think that this is all somehow Athletics South Africa’s fault for various resons since they ostensibly should have tested her first). This second group annoys the hell out of me, so if you’re one of those people, feel free to stop reading, or to send me a comment telling me how much I annot you right back. Finally, there are the people who feel so angry or sad but overwhelmed to the point that they cannot speak their feelings.

So, I have decided to compile a list of some of the varied responses to anger and/or sadness over the manner in which this super-athlete has been treated. I liked reading them, and I did not need to agree with every word the bloggers said to do so. You might like them too, or not.

Sokari Ekine, at Blacklooks, one of my favourite blogs, has posted with necessary clarity in the midst of madness. As one of the readers commented on her post, it is a powefully analytical and very humane piece.

Robert Bravery, the Brave Programmer’s post “Caster Semenya – a lesson” is an wonderful read, beautiful, sensitive and even when I disagreed, the language swept me away. It made me pause and think about Caster Semenya differently. The Brave Programmer interweaves his own adversity with Caster Semenya’s without equating or trivialising either.

And Shane of myfriendshane blog, has simply called the latest post “Caster Semenya” is one annoyed blogger about the entire unnevenness and hypocricy of the IAAF’s stance to Ms Semenya.

Her university website has her very prominently placed and celebrated, which is a good thing

I am sure there are many, many others. Take a look at the anger of the Y-generation after DJ Sbu’s post.

Happy reading, everyone, but remember to come back to come back to loudrastress.


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  1. Hi there, thanks for the mention, must appreciated.

    I truly hope that the IAAF, comes to it’s senses.

    Hitler must be smiling in hell right now, with all this talk of people being judged on their chromosomes.

    Keep well – Shane

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