Vote in the poll: Who are South Africa’s leading public intellectuals?

I had meant to put this up on my blog earlier this week, but between reading The Weekender on Saturday and finally putting this up on the deadline, much has happened. The communications folks at my work institution also made it easier for me to post here (rather than retyping the ad from the newspaper), so I have relied on their formulation below, in quotations


The Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Wits University, Prof. Loyiso Nongxa initiated a debate on what defines a public intellectual. An entry into the debate was published in last Saturday’s edition of The Weekender with mention made of at least three Wits academics. Click on this linkto read the article. The newspaper is now running a poll to determine who South Africa’s top public intellectuals are and what role they should play in public life. Candidates must be living, active in public life, show distinction in their field and have an ability to influence debate. Send your list of five people to by Wednesday, 3 June 2009.”

I am sure entries are accepted until the end of 3 June 2009, so keep voting. It will be very interesting to see who ends up on the list. I’ve sent my votes for my five, although I think there should have been enough space for 10 people.


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  1. Who are South Africa’s top thinkers? Im curious.

  2. Who are South Africa’s top thinkers? Im curious.

  3. Mncumeni Mpungose

    Profesor Lesiba Teffo

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