feminist humour (motherhood)

Two friends of mine … usually very intelligent, talented and serious feminist scholars … in a mad moment … lots of suggestions that we write about motherhood, now that we are mothers … well, maybe academically … maybe otherwise … anyhoo … one suggests that I should organise a colloquium on motherhood … am surprised because she also doesn’t want to write academically about it … her colloquium idea is that we should have lots of academic mothers bringing their babies … all nurse collectively and let the babies go crazy … crying, peeing, crawling all over our highly esteemed campus … none of the mothers should say a word during all of this … collective nursing … i was in stitches, of course … shall not reveal who this is …

as we were laughing on the phone about this one … remembered an equally odd funny suggestion by my other feminist mother friend … at faculty meeting when someone says something crazy … whip out breast and spray offending speaker … cool weapon, she reckons, sort of like a watergun but less phallic and more fun … outrageous, i say …

if you’re going to respond to this particular post, please say something outrageous … don’t tell me we’re crazy … we know … but hell, it’s women’s month, we can do whatever we like … feminists all being ferried about to speak here, there everywhere in SA this month …


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