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cellphones against xenophobia

May 28, 2008*

*Contact: Peter Benjamin*
Cell-Life 076 775 9590

*No to Xenophobia: Western Cape Emergency Civil Society Task Team
Activates Cell Phone Emergency Help Lines*

**In response to the violence against foreigners, the Western Cape
Civil Society Emergency Task Team has activated an SMS emergency
system for citizens to respond to the violence.

The Task Team, a coalition of TAC and over 20 NGOs, has activated a
“NO TO XENOPHOBIA” SMS lines across South Africa.

Says Peter Benjamin of Cell-Life: “Almost everyone has a cell phone.
South Africa, make your voice heard to counter the violence. Tell
everyone that South Africa belongs to all who live in it.”

There are four services for concerned South Africans:


*1. SAY NO TO XENOPHOBIA*: To show opposition to the attacks,
send an
SMS with your name and your location to 38091 (Cost: 50c).

*2. REPORT AN ATTACK*, an SMS can be sent to 31864 with details.
is a continuously staffed line that will route emergency reports to
the authorities. (Cost: Normal SMS rate)

*3. DONATE: *Send SMS to 38871* *to donate R10 for food and
Receiving organization is the Treatment Action Campaign for the
Western Cape Emergency Task Team. (Thanks to Integrat).

For organisations that want to contact their members or constituents,
free bulk SMS services are offered. Please contact Cell-Life , 021 469 1111 or
076 775 9590. (Thanks to Clickatell).

Thousand of South Africans have expressed their opposition to the
violence in marches and have reached out to help in the last few days.
The Task Team is committed to enabling all South Africans to use their
cell phones to continue to do so in an easy and effective way. Nkosi
sikelel’ iAfrica!