16 days of activism: take back the tech


//In Uganda, a SMS campaign called Speak out! Stand Out! is organised
by WOUGNET to collect messages against VAW//

//In Quebec, feminists and communication rights activists are creating
short video clips and comic postcards on VAW.//

//In Malaysia, Burmese refugees are creating audiocasts on issues
related to VAW and women’s rights together with Centre for

>From 25 November to 10 December, get ready to pull out the mouse,
>flex your SMS fingers and engage full energy in activism to end violence
against women (VAW). APC Women’s Programme (APC WNSP) calls
on users of the radio, television, internet, emails, mobile phones and all
kinds of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to Take
Back The Tech!

What is the campaign about?
Take Back The Tech is a collaborative campaign by ICT users,
advocates, collectives and organisations that take issue with the
prevalence of VAW in our diverse realities. Initiated by APC WNSP in
2006, the campaign is part of the 16 Days of Activism Against
Gender-based Violence initiative.

It is our right to shape, define, participate, use & share knowledge,
information & technology, and to create digital spaces that protects
everyone’s right to interact freely without harassment or threat to
safety. Take Back The Tech aims for this & calls all user of ICTs –
especially grrls & women – to take control of technology and
consciously use it to change unequal power relations.

How can you Take Back The Tech?

**16 daily actions**
Simple daily actions throughout the 16 days that uses ICTs
strategically to counter VAW. From sending SMS, making digital
postcards, snapping pictures, playing with radio to remembering
forgotten names in the history of ICT development, you can take action
with the tools and platforms that you have access to.

Explore and thicken the knowledge around ICTs & VAW by joining the
days blogathon. New to blogging? This is the perfect reason to start
your own, or at least, click that ‘comment’ button to have your say.
Daily topics will be posted on the campaign site to stir conversation,
as well as instructions on how to set up a blog.

**Local initiatives**
Start your own Take Back The Tech campaign. As seen above,
independent and creative initiatives to Take Back The Tech are taking
off in different parts of the world, translating content and action to
address local needs and priorities. Use the campaign website to
highlight your action, or find information and resources. There are tech
tools & tips, articles & links, portable applications, images & graphics,
and if you don’t have an online publishing space, you can have your own
page on the site. Email us to let us know how we can support your

**Digital stories, audiocasts & more**
Learn by listening to the experience and stories of women and men
affected by VAW. The campaign website will feature created digital
stories, audiocasts, video clips and postcards. If you have something
you would like to share, just log on to the campaign site and submit
your story.

**Suggest an action**
Help shape the campaign by sharing your experience & ideas. If you
have thoughts, email us or log on to the site, and make it part of the

Check http://www.takebackthetech.net daily from 25 November to 10
December, and take action. Reclaim technology to end violence against

For more information: send an email to jac@apcwomen.org, or

“Take Back the Tech” is an initiative of the APC Women’s Networking
Support Programme (APC WNSP), a global network of women who
support women networking for social change and women’s
empowerment, through the use of information and communication
technologies (ICTs) especially internet, founded in 1993. The APC
WNSP is part of the Association for Progressive Communications
(APC). http://www.apcwomen.org/about/ http://www.apc.org


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